Operating a 70+ member orchestra over the course of a season requires substantial financial resources.  We have been fortunate enough to have benefited from the generosity of far-seeing sponsors and donors who believe in our mission of enriching the life of the communities we serve.  We invite you now to become a season sponsor and to help the orchestra further the mission of providing great classical music to the citizens of central Wisconsin.  Your support will help ensure that CWSO can continue to provide exceptional entertainment for lovers of music, while at the same time allowing us to provide on-going opportunities for young people throughout the area to experience live orchestral performances.

Sustaining a successful symphony orchestra is an investment in the community.
Your contribution supports...
  • 70 Orchestral Musicians ($85,000/year)
  • Guest Artists ($12,000/year)
  • Marketing ($12,000/year)
  • Music Rental ($8,500/year)
the community built it - the community nurtures it - the community will sustain it