With a new mission to enrich, engage, and educate through the power and performance of live music, and a vision* for the role of the arts in our community, the board of directors, musicians, and staff of the CWSO are pleased to launch the Grand Campaign. A successful campaign assures that the rich and vibrant cultural life of Central Wisconsin will continue for decades to come.

*The Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra serves as a center of artistic excellence, through leadership and partnerships, nourishes spirits, develops intellecutal and creative capital, adding value for all.

Sustaining a successful symphony orchestra is an investment in the community.
Your contribution to the Grand Campaign supports...
  • 80 Orchestral Musicians ($80,000/year)
  • Guest Artists ($12,000/year)
  • Marketing ($12,000/year)
  • Music Rental ($3,000/year)
Ensuring a bright future for our symphony orchestra is a commitment to the community.
  • Your contribution to the Grand Campaign will...Help establish a permanent operating endowment ($500,000)
  • Increase orchestra member support ($25,000)
  • Fund an education coordinator for three years ($15,000) A generous gift made this dream come true! The CWSO is happy to announce the appointment of Mary Moran to its staff as Coordinator of Education (effective September 1, 2016)!
  • Provide a guest artist for classroom visits ($5,000)
the community built it - the community nurtures it - the community will sustain it

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