Any high caliber organization relies on a strong, committed team to shape its vision, guide its course, and direct its operations on the ground. The CWSO wouldn’t be what it is without the ongoing contributions of the following leaders.




Andres Moran holds degrees from Indiana University (Doctorate of Music, Instrumental Conducting), Southern Methodist University (Master of Music, Orchestral Conducting and Horn Performance), and New Mexico State University (Bachelor of Music Education). Moran’s principal conducting teachers are David Effron, Arthur Fagen, and Paul C. Phillips.

Andres Moran

Music Director



Christian Stromley

Education & Outreach Coordinator



Teresita Marchel

Music Librarian



Tessa grew up in Central Wisconsin where music was a big part of her life. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) in General Management and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Music degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Upon graduating, she moved to Kansas City and continued her journey into the musical sector. She was a development intern at the Kansas City Symphony and the Director of Marketing for the Kansas City Horn Club. Today, she is still a musician at heart, horn player, and an arts advocate in the Central Wisconsin area.

Tessa Taylor

Executive Director


Brenda Zimmerman

Office Manager




Board Members

Bruce Barnes, President

Al Chaney, Vice President

Kathy Trachte, Secretary

Lorraine Avery, Treasurer

Cindy Berg

Kristy Bridenhagen

Valerie Cisler, Ex-officio

Randall Colton

Carole Jansing

Leslie Malotky

Kate O'Malley

Jenni Yang





Musician Roster


Violin 1


Graham Emberton, Concertmaster

Anna Cromwell

Joanna Johnson

Kristin Evans

Michelle Wenzel

Randall Colton

Teresita Marchel

Violin II


Trudi Bergerson, Principal

Jacquie Wille

Connie Spencer

Aaron Marx

Emily Scheidegger

Joseph Rusch II



Mary Moran, Principal

Rochelle Pearson, Assistant Principal

Amber Garbe

Sarah Reeve

Tina Nelson

Ginger Marten



Mindy Park, Co-Principal

Heidi Corcoran, Co-Principal

Amy Raddatz

Kathryn Victory

Ingrid Glurich



Dave Story, Principal

Jenilee Klish

Ray Kilanowski




Danielle Breisach, Principal

Jeanne Olson

Kiara Menzia



Stacey Berk, Principal

Kimberly Hawkinson



Sarah Manasreh, Principal

Jenni Yang, Assistant Principal

Linda Becker



Brian Ellingboe, Principal

Zachary Mixdorf



Keith Powell, Principal

Casey Danielson

Fiona Chisholm

David Kallio



Brent Turney, Co-Principal

John Daniel, Co-Principal



Patrick Lawrence, Principal

Mark Kryshak

Keith Olson



Hershel Webb, Principal



John Kelley, Principal



Brian Baldauff, Principal

Marisol Kuborn



Matthew Agen, Principal



Ann Applegate, Principal