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Our mission is to enrich, engage and educate through the power and performance of live music.

The vision of the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra serves as a center of artistic excellence; through leadership and partnerships, nourishes spirits, develops intellectual and creative capital, adding value for all.

Oct. 5, 2017 - Jan. 21, 2018
Concert III - En Francais
Feb. 17, 2018
Feb. 18, 2018
Concert IV - Made in America
Apr. 21, 2018
Apr. 22, 2018

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Jan 18 - 4:12 pm
En Francais - Concert III Rehearsal Schedule
Jan 18 - 3:01 pm
Coming soon to a fourth grade class near you! Did you know that every year the CWSO visits schools throughout our area for our Meet the Music education program? This morning our Education Coordinator Mary Moran visited Iola-Scandinavia School District. Special thanks to Heid Music for helping make these visits possible!

Jan 16 - 4:59 pm
Final week of So You Think You Can Conduct and things are getting warmer by the minute! Here are today's totals: Bakken - 823.4 Schmit - 771.77 Dreier - 90 http://www.cwso.org/events/cwso-events/event_e510975ceaee/

Jan 10 - 12:01 pm
Today's SYTYCC totals - time is ticking away - vote today (again and again!) http://www.cwso.org/events/cwso-events/event_e510975ceaee/ So You Think You Can Conduct Vote Tally as of 1/010/18: Bakken - 821.4 Schmit - 674.77 Dreier - 88

Jan 9 - 1:13 pm
Experience nature and celebrate music with So You Think You Can Conduct Patty Dreier!

Jan 8 - 11:56 am
We are down to the last TWO WEEKS of the So You Think You Can Conduct Contest and things are heating up in this cold January! Here are the totals from today: So You Think You Can Conduct Vote Tally as of 1/08/18: Schmit - 674.77 Bakken - 821.4 Dreier - 83 Voted already? You can vote again (and again, and again!) and for more than one candidate! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! http://www.cwso.org/events/cwso-events/event_e510975ceaee/

Jan 9 - 12:04 am
Don't Git Sassy, just get here! Tonight at the James F Veninga Theater at UW-Marathon. 7:30. Tomorrow in Point at Michelsen Hall. cwso.org

Jan 5 - 12:30 pm
Communities define themselves by their cultural amenities. We are fortunate to have the support of our patrons here in Central Wisconsin. We often hear from business leaders and elected officials, when recruiting businesses and potential employees, that our community has a symphony. The care and feeding of the arts for the benefit of the people who reside here IS essential! https://therivardreport.com/sa-symphony-to-suspend-remainder-of-season-after-weekend-concerts/

Jan 3 - 3:02 pm
So You Think You Can Conduct Vote Tally as of 1/03/18: Schmit - 674.77 Bakken - 621.4 Dreier - 83 VOTE TODAY!! http://www.cwso.org/events/cwso-events/event_e510975ceaee/

Jan 2 - 2:51 pm
It's all about taking the music to the audience these days!

Jan 18 - 4:12 pm
En Francais - Concert III Rehearsal Schedule