CWYSO Scholarships (Financial Aid) are limited and may be available to students who express a financial need and who pass the audition requirements. If you qualify for free or reduced lunch and need financial assistance, please complete the scholarship application. Amounts may be awarded based on need, available funds, and/or the number of applicants. Scholarships are not based on musical merit.


Please Note: Many schools have discretionary funds available for various student educational enrichment opportunities that may help cover the scholarship application fees or the CWYSO registration fees. Contact the Principal of your school for availability of funds BEFORE submitting this application. Students are required to inform CWYSO of all other financial assistance they will be receiving for this program.


If you will be applying for a scholarship for your child, please register online HERE and then complete the Scholarship Application HERE. We encourage to submit the application for the Academic Year by September 1, 2024 to ensure availability of funding. 




Questions regarding your scholarship application can be directed to Program Manager Christian Stromley at or call 715-345-7726


Scholarships supported and partially funded by the following generous organizations:


                                                                                   Forrest Hartmann Fund for the Arts